Contenitori per Raccolta Differenziata

Sartori Ambiente

Containers for Waste sorting and Recycling systems

Passion and expertise to help you identify the collecting system that better suits you

Altares Green Technology

Rfid and GPS Identification systems for waste sorting

Tecnology serving waste sorting and pricing.

  • Crowd4Africa: Providing impaired people with 3D printed prosthesis in Africa made of recycled bottle cups

    Sartori Ambiente supported Crowd4Africa, crowd founding to provide prosthesis made of recycled bottle cups to African hospitals . More news on project results coming soon. visit the...

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  • Sartori Ambiente products chosen for SCOW food waste collection in Pallars Sobirà (Catalunia)

    The Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona has led the European project SCOW (Selective Collection of Organic Waste in tourist areas) that in the case of Catalonia has been materialised...

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  • MSW costs get low for higher separate collection in Italy

    According to data collected by the Italian Environment Agency (ISPRA) and published yesterday, in 2014 Italy reached 45,2% of separate collection with best-performing Regions like Veneto...

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  • How Data Technologies are changing the Recycling Landscape …. made possible by Sartori Ambiente

    Big data is very important to us to lower contamination on our waste and to improve the consumption habits of our citizens and our users. Read more...

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  • New case study: The story of Contarina shows 85% recycling is possible!

    This case study proves that high recycling targets are not only feasible, they also save money and create jobs Zero Waste Europe publishes today a new case study showing that in less...

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