An antimicrobial technology applied to the door-to-door separate collection systems, with the purpose of reducing the bacterial load and infections due to cross-contamination, ensuring total protection 24/7.

This is the result of the exclusive collaboration between Sartori Ambiente and Copptech, in order to fight bacteria and harmful fungi that could proliferate on unprotected surfaces, especially on containers for waste management.

According to World Health Organization studies, 80% of the diseases spread through contact and infectious diseases remain one of the leading causes of mortality in the world.

The partnership between the companies led to mix the patented antimicrobial additive with the plastic materials of waste containers allowing the weakening of microorganisms’ growth on the surface and eliminating 99,9% of E-Coli, Listeria and also MRSA in 24 hours.

Sartori Ambiente will use the additive for the production of waste containers – PROTECT version – on customer request.

Throughout 2020, an antimicrobial handle at no additional cost will characterize the production of Sartori Ambiente door-to-door collection containers.

All the containers in PROTECT version are tested ISO 22196-2011 with antimicrobial function.

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