The air system, present in our range of STELO containers with a capacity of 7lt and 10lt, allows a complete transpiration of waste, thus …

  • facilitating the composting process, thanks to the continuous supply of oxygen;
  • facilitating the evaporation of moisture which could otherwise generate leachate;
  • allowing a reduction in the weight of the organic waste (up to 20% in 2 days of stay);
  • eliminating bad odours generated by anaerobic fermentation;
  • ensuring the resistance and durability of biodegradable liners (paper or Mater-Bi) and avoiding the continuous cleaning of the container.


Thanks to this all, it is no longer necessary to leave the container of the daily organic fraction outside, which can then be conveniently places under the kitchen sink, ready to be used at any time.


The advantaged listed are not limited only to the domestic walls, but rather to the entire process of management and disposal of the organic fraction.

In particular, the loss of liquids and there fore of weight and volume results in:

  • reduction of exposures and collection services;
  • reduction of odours and greater cleaning of the collection vehicles;
  • better leachate management in storage facilities;
  • increasing quality of the compost produced for reuse;
  • reduction of the various transport, disposal and recycling costs.

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Stelo 7
Air System Stelo 7
Stelo10 EVO
Air System Stelo 10 EVO
Air System Stelo 10 EVO
Air system Stelo 10 EVO