Among all most awarded environmental management companies in Italy, Contarina Spa has a remarkable position: founded in 1989, the company evolved thanks to its ability to meet the need of the territory in a dynamic and innovative way.

Contarina’s numbers

Since 2006, Contarina has turned into a completely public company, directed and coordinated by the Priula and Tv Tre Consortium: 554.000 inhabitants divided in 50 municipalities from Roncade to Susegana and from Paderno del Grappa to Resana. The recycling percentage in these areas are unbelievable: “Where there is the door-to-door service with the pay-as-you-throw tariff, the average of recycled waste is more than 85%””, states Michele Rasera, Contarina’s director.

In addition, there are the recycling stations, one every 10.000 users, for the collection of special waste such as RAEE, inflammable, etc. However, “Now – continues Rasera – we are in an improvement phase of the door-to-door system also in Treviso, the only missing municipality. Doing this, Sartori Ambiente is helping a lot with technical and innovative solutions”

Quality differentiation

“We have always aimed and invested a lot in the quality of recycled waste, and we achieved excellent results also thanks to awareness of the users.  In addition to the non-recycling waste, our system provides four other different containers for organic, glass-plastic-cans, paper and plant. The annual amount of waste per person is 360 kg and only 55 kg are non–recyclable waste. All of this happens thanks to the emptying tariff, that rewards the most virtuous and “recycling” users: less emptying = immediate saving”.

Door to door in Treviso

In order to achieve these results, there is the need for practical tools, that are convenient and practical for the users, robust and easy to manage for the company. “This is a necessity in Treviso, due to the particular urban characteristics. The city in fact has a very beautiful historical centre but not easy to manage. Even if we managed similar cases in Castelfranco, Montebullana and Asolo, here we are facing a bigger and more complicated reality.

Treviso, with 84.000 inhabitants and its unique centre, cannot afford problems regarding the public hygiene and urban respectability. “Beside the centre, there is also a populous area in the suburbs, where the problem is the convenience of the domestic waste, since we supply a set of containers for every typology of waste.”

Urba Plus: the solution inside and outside home

Urba Plus, Sartori Ambiente container, is the perfect solution for both domestic and urban spaces. Space saving and ergonomic, Urba Plus has an innovative shape and intelligent design. “The containers with a capacity of 30 or 40 litres have different colours according to its use. In addition, the practical lid allows the opening even if the containers are stacked and on the day of the collection, it is enough to exhibit them outside home.

In the historical centre, where the space is less and the aesthetic demand stricter, Sartori Ambiente realized personalized grey containers with different lid’s colour. This is not a random choice; the particular grey used for the body of the containers is similar to the shape of the traditional Pietra d’Istria, used in Treviso. Therefore, during the collection in the centre of Treviso the containers are less visible and more suitable in the urban space.

The personalization is an important stage in the production: not all the urban areas have the same characteristics and consequently not all of them have the same needs. In addition, the number of collections is decided according to the district area: in the centre, the collections are more frequent and planned in order to avoid the long exhibition of the containers, while in the other urban areas the collections are less frequent.

The appreciation is good both from the users and from the employees. Moreover, the collaboration with Sartori Ambiente includes also composter bins and kitchen caddies.

Education first of all

The main strength of Contarina is the education of the teenager. In order to promote the respect for the environment, the company visits schools every day. Director Rasera states: “During the scholastic year 2013-2014, there were more than 1650 communication and education meetings in schools”. Thanks to this effort, Contarina ensures an excellence future.

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