In the municipalities of Valle Sabbia the separate door-to-door waste collection comes into effect

“Differenza in comune” is the name chosen to describe the new project of separate door-to-door waste collection that, starting from 2018, concerns the Municipalities of Valle Sabbia. Not all villages in the area has adopted the complete door-to-door system, but altogether Valle Sabbia has undertaken the commitment to work hard and improve the separate waste collection.

Sartori Ambiente collaborated as an active partner to the initiative, by producing for Sae Valle Sabbia both the containers used for the door-to-door collection of the various waste fractions, and the trolley containers positioned in the street.

The citizens and the employees of Sea, both fixed and seasonal, have participated proactively in this project for the well-being and the protection of the territory. This led to extraordinary results, which coincide and reward the commitment and dedication.

To confirm it, it is enough to compare data about the 2017 separate waste collection, published by the Provincial Waste Observatory, before Sae, the company specifically created for this purpose, undertook the service. In 2017, the average waste differentiation percentage of the 25 municipalities of Valle Sabbia was little over 50%, against a legal obligation that provided and provides for the achievement of 65%. Since then, the situation has radically improved.

Floriano Massardi, mayor of the Municipality of Vallio Terme, which acted as a forerunner of the entire project, says: “The result achieved by Vallio Terme, 93.2% of separate waste collection, is a source of pride, but we also feel great satisfaction with regard to the total value of Valle Sabbia, where the average figure is 81%”.

In addition, in order to monitor the constant commitment of citizens, each month Sea tests the content of plastic packaging and cans containers, to detect the percentage of non-compliant waste. The results are optimal: during one of the latest periodic analysis, it was found that on a sample of 140kg of collected plastic packaging/cans there was only 7% of non-compliant waste.

That is not all!

Altares, part of Sartori Ambiente Group, also contributed to the provision of innovative solutions for the separate waste collection. We are talking, in particular, about ArcoPOINT. It consists of a collection point, in total more than thirty in the entire municipal area, specifically dedicated to the collection of hygiene textiles. ArcoPOINT is equipped with a user identification system for the opening; to open it, it is necessary to use the national Health Insurance Card, which is activated automatically for families with children up to 3 years and on request for people who need such service.


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Containers for Val Sabbia
Containers' distribution in Val Sabbia
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