“ISOLA + ECOLOGICA”, the new door-to-door waste collection service in Pantelleria

The island of Pantelleria is a geographical reality that given its tourist and geographical peculiarities needed a strong change in the way and performance of waste management.

In 2014 Pantelleria produced about 4,500 tons of waste equivalent to a production of 1.5 Kg per inhabitant; waste characterized by a clear presence of organic waste equal to 36%. This generated a cost of transporting waste by sea of more than €650,000.

The aim of the municipal administration was therefore to set up a new collection service that would allow a significant reduction in total waste, real-time control of the system with a reduction in service costs and a better quality of life for residents or guests.

AGESP SPA in Castellammare Golfo won of the tender for the collection service in Pantelleria. This marked a significant change in the waste collection.

The service has been gradually activated: from the historical centre of Pantelleria and some small bordering areas in January 2015 to conclude with the last zones in the month of October. All citizens were given containers with a capacity of 10lt. and 23lt for the collection of the organic waste and stackable container with a capacity of 30/40lt for the glass/tin fractions, paper, plastic packaging and non-recycling.

AGESP Spa entrusted the supply to Sartori Ambiente Group, with the clear willing of a high quantity service.

The stackable containers of the URBA PLUS line (with the capacity of 30 and 40 litres) are the perfect tool for door-to-door waste collection systems. They are easy to use also when stacked and offer an ergonomic solution for both domestic users and workers on the street.

All the containers are equipped with a RFID UHF tag connected to the user in order to register the data and the emptying of them.

Altares S.r.l., which is part of Sartori Ambiente Group, supplied all the technology necessary for the precise detection of the emptying operations as well as it personally handled the distribution operations and the association of containers to users.

The KIT was also delivered door-to-door, to every single user. Therefore, AGESP acquired the geographic position of all the containers and users.

The RFID system on the collection vehicles registers every container’s emptying. The one chosen by AGESP is ARCO 30. Developed by Altares, this system guarantees the maximum reliability on the collection of data and the minimization of management costs.

ARCO 30 automatically surveys the emptying with the geographic coordinates that are immediately send to the Altares’ web portal. During the emptying, the employees have the possibility to see the identification codes of every Tag RFID UHF and to add some extra information.

Thanks to the distribution, the registration of the KIT and the activation of the service, the percentage of the recyclable waste raised constantly from a 6% in January and to more than 60% in December. At the same time, the global trend of non-recyclable waste endured a significant reduction in favour of the recyclable waste.

Agesp Spa, with the help of Sartori Ambiente Group, was able to provide a complete solution for waste management, by supporting the collecting company and the municipal administration in setting up a collection system that proved to be virtuous both in terms of waste separation and in terms of citizens’ satisfaction.

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