During 2011, Eco Elpidiense Srl took part to the tender organized by Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM). Sant’Elpidio a Mare is a municipality of about 17000 inhabitants, a territory of over 50 square kilometres and with an urban area that extends from the important and ancient historical center, to the residential district and to the rural dwelling. The tender foresaw the introduction of the door-to-door waste collection service in all the municipal territory.

The objective of Eco Elpidiense was to propose a project which, in addition to ensuring the achievement of important results in terms of percentages of separate waste collection, was able to distinguish itself for the implementation of new technological solutions for the control of the activities and the timely detection of the disposal: topics which are particularly important for the administration of Sant’Elpidio a Mare.

The adopted organization form 

The organization form adopted in the project considered the peculiarity and the characteristic of the territory.

The appropriate solution expected the use of a base kit of containers made by three containers with the capacity of 40 litres for the non-recycling waste, plastic and glass, one kitchen caddy with the capacity of 10 litres and one of 25 litres for the organic.

The chosen solution and the results

The tender foresaw that:

  • For every activity (collection, services, etc.), the company has to implement an internal control system able to guarantee what requested in the present technical document and the system must be approved by the client;
  • The information must be kept in specific data archive files (also in digital form) that the client can check at any time;
  • The vehicles for the waste collection service and all those for the cleaning service must be equipped with a GPS system;
  • All data about the movements of the vehicles must be transmitted monthly to the client in a compatible digital format.

Altares implemented a tracking system based on the application of a high frequency (UHF) TRANSPONDER RFID on the containers provided to the users.

The technical solution adopted consists of a controller RIFD model Arco 30 UHF installed on the collection vehicles that is able to track and transmit data of every emptying. All the information is transmitted immediately via GPRS to the server where Eco Elpidiense can consult data.

Data are also uploaded online and made available for the users.

Since the activation of the service with domestic containers with UHF Tag, the percentage of the recyclable waste raised from 23% to more than 70%.

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Raccolta rifiuti Sant Elpidio a Mare
Raccolta rifiuti Sant Elpidio a Mare
Raccolta rifiuti Sant Elpidio a Mare
Controller Arco UHF