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When technology meets the organic

The use of devices and Rfid survey technologies to optimize the separate collection of organic waste

The application of the disposal control systems, not just for the non- recycling waste, but also for the containers of the organic waste can considerably reduce the costs of disposal.

During 2015, ESA-Com S.p.A., a public society of waste collection located in the Verona, run a detailed analysis about the collection of organic waste and as a result it obtained important management information, such as the number of the emptying, the middleweight, the users number and typology (domestic or public).

The data obtained during the 12 months of measurements highlighted that the capacity of the containers for the organic waste collection was higher in comparison to the real necessities of the users and the frequencies of the disposal. Therefore, this survey demonstrates that it is possible to decrease the disposal service: two times instead of three per week during summer. In addition, the twice-weekly disposal service resulted faster than before (5 minutes less every 1000 inhabitants) because the users took advantage of the full capacity of the containers.

Thanks to the containers and the technologies supplied by Sartori Ambiente, the data and the technical information obtained through those systems can improve waste collection, as in the case of ESA-Com S.p.A. that reached 82.20% of separate waste collection.

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ESA-Com S.p.a. (VR)
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