Sustainability project in the Monumental Complex of Assisi

Fra’ Sole is the sustainability project carried out by the Sacred Convent of Assisi and supported by a number of partners, including Sartori Ambiente Group. It is a systematic and replicable project, which has among its objectives the realization of a disciplinary that applies to all closed communities (schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.) and the implementation of solutions and good practices of sustainability.

As part of the project, some studies have been carried out on the structure, the community of monks and the large number of pilgrims,  to allow Fra’ Sole to intervene, among other things, on the control of consumption and the reduction of waste produced, which was the greatest problem. Giuseppe Lanzi, coordinator of the project, explains: “Our goal was to find allies who were not only interested in the potential commercial strength of the Sacred Convent. So not sponsors, but partners. Companies that could contribute not only from an economical point of view but by providing skills and knowledge to support that we were carrying forward. For what concerns waste, this was the case of Sartori Ambiente”.

Our Group has completely redesigned the waste collection system, taking into account the various differences in the spaces that are inside the Sacred Convent. “We realized that it was necessary to create a modulable container, with the cover clearly indicating the waste fraction inside”, explains Lanzi. To guarantee a current and efficient waste collection, the “Delta Light” model by Sartori Ambiente has been adopted: a container with recycled cardboard body and recycled polypropylene cover, with graphic design and indication of the type of waste.

After almost three years of activity, Fra’ Sole begins to look at the results achieved. More than 200 separate collection points have been placed inside the structure and a vertical signage is planned to be installed to encourage their use. All this allows the data on separate waste collection to be particularly positive and significant: 87% of differentiation.

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