The Municipality of Villa Lagarina counts almost 4.000 inhabitants and has 20% of seasonal additional users. The large green areas allow domestic composting, so that 27% of families has decided to carry out this important practice.

The separate waste collection service – before adopting the Sartori Ambiente solutions – was based on the door-to-door collection of the residual and organic waste while the other fractions were collected with containers in the street.

The municipality wasted to increase the separate waste collection, which hadn’t been developed for year, to commit to reducing waste, especially residual waste, and to have a convenient system for users in terms of support and participation.

The new service started at the end of 2016 has introduced the door-to-door collection of all fractions, except for glass, and the TAG installation on the Urba 40 container for the residual and paper fraction – provided by Sartori Ambiente.

This choice arose from the analysis of the composition of residual waste: 51% was recyclable material.

In 2017, thanks to the introduction of the new system, residual waste fell below 37% compared to previous years.

The new collection service allows to be traced and monitored and this allowed to acquire objective data on the real needs of users:

  • 61% of residual fraction containers’ exposures are less frequent than 1 time each month
  • 2% of residual fraction containers’ exposures occur each collection round

The separate waste collection reached 78%, while the residual fraction fell by 40%.

The recycling quality of plastic packaging has really improved, since the impurity rate has been cut from 30% to 17%, while the collection of paper records less than 1% of impurities and the organic one proved to be excellent with 1,3% of impurities.

The last result concerns the economic aspect; in years that experienced a constant increase in costs for neighbor Municipalities, the reorganization of the services and the adoption of accounting solutions for waste collections allowed to reduce the total costs by 12%, mainly because of the low disposal cost.

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Door-to-door waste collection in Villa Lagarina
Collection point in Villa Lagarina
Containers for Villa Lagarina
Disposal costs graph