Excellence: Pay-as-you-throw also in the municipality of Sommacampagna (VR)

The achievement of more than 82% of the separate waste collection is not the final aim in Sommacampagna, but just the beginning of further improvements of the service and the minimisation of management’s cost.

Regardless the good results already achieved at the beginning of July, the municipality has provided a new container kit with microchip for the collection of non- recyclable and organic waste. This decision arose from the analysis of the collected organic waste: the outcome highlighted that more than 55% of the waste was actually still recyclable and the costs of the disposal were at the population’s expense.

The containers with capacity of 23 and 40 litres, supplied by Sartori Ambiente, are all customized and equipped with a system that associates each container to its user. This allows the identification of wrong use of the bins, the stolen ones and the abandoned ones, but overall it makes the population feel responsible for the correct separation of the waste.

Sartori Ambiente doesn’t want to be a simple supplier, but rather a partner. Indeed, in addition to the containers, also the vehicles for the waste collection have been equipped with a control system of the disposal provided by Altares, a company belonging to Sartori Ambiente Group. The control system provided by Altares is able to collect all the information about the containers’ emptying of every user, necessary for the pay-as-you-throw taxation system, which is therefore related to the real amount of waste produced.

An innovative example this of Sommacampagna and the pay-as-you-throw taxation system, which is going to be the future of waste collection, since it is the only system that can really guarantee a good management of waste and its complete recycling.

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