The Municipality of Fumane counts 4.200 inhabitants and has 15% of seasonal additional users. Domestic composting is a widespread practice in the territory, and it is practiced by 41% of families.

The waste collection system in this reality has experienced several developments over time, from the road containers in the 90es, to the pioneering introduction of organic waste collection until the door-to-door collection system.

After years of door-to-door service with good results of separate waste collection, in 2016 the Administration decided to abandon the residual waste collection through liners and adopted reusable containers with 40 litres capacity equipped with TAG – The Sartori Ambiente Group containers.

In this way the collection frequencies are recorded and so it becomes possible to reduce collection steps; the frequency of the collection of the residual fraction changed from weekly to once every 15 days. The information acquires through the Altares controllers also provide data for the application of the PAYT tariff to all users.

The reorganization of the services allowed to reduce withing six months the amount of residual waste by 28%, to reduce the total produced waste by 8% and to increase the separate collection from 79.8% up to 82.4%.