Didactic composter


Talking about domestic composting from an educational point of view means talking first of all about urban waste produced at home, an issue of closer and closer concern.

The composting experience as a biological process is rich of didactical and scientific implications, which give the school a key role in the building up of a collective consciousness.

The educational process makes the new generations aware of the social responsability and land care.

It also involves the students creating a contact with the families, whose orientation becomes crucial for every politic that one wish to undertake in the waste sector.



Data sheet Didactic composter Sartori Ambiente


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  • 200lt Composter. Reduced disposal height, to allow small children to watch the process.
  • Garden for fruit and vegetable cultivation, made of panel easy to assemble – 3 and 7 panel version.
  • Structure made of certified recycled plastic from separate waste collection.
  • Supplied with instruction manual for home composting.

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