HORTO 200-300-400


Containers for home composting

The practice of composting is the most natural solution to dispose the organic waste from kitchen and garden and at the same time to produce excellent fertilizer.

While designing the Horto line we tried to simulate what happens in nature through the maximum interchange with the ground and the atmosphere, as well as the improvement some conditions such as the thermal insulation, the preservation of the right degree of humidity and the protection against atmospheric agents.

Horto is the traditional model of aerated compost container for the home management of compostable organic waste, with capacity varying from 200 to 400 litres.

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  • 100% recycled and recyclable PE, deriving from post-consumption waste (bins, boxes, etc.), “Plastic Second Life” certified

  • Wide lid fixed with sturdy hinges

  • Practical modular structure hinged through self-cleaning shafts
  • Thermal walls produced without using chemical foaming, thickness from 6mm to 10mm
  • Ventilation holes in the walls for complete air circulation and humidity regulation
  • Profile designed to avoid water infiltration from the ventilation holes
  • Practical walls opening
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather and chemical agents
  • Easy to stock, to transport and to assemble

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