Horto 700-1000


Home composting is the natural solution to dispose kitchen waste and to produce at the same time an excellent fertilizer.

While projecting the Horto series we tried to simulate what happens in Nature, with the maximum exchange between the soil and the atmosphere as well as improving the thermal insulation, preservation of right degree of humidity and protection against atmospheric agents.

The exagonal composter with big volume.

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100% recycled and recyclable PE, coming from post-consuption waste (bins, boxes, etc.),  “Plastic Second Life” certified.

Wide lid with sturdy hinges

  • Practical modular structure hinged through self-cleaning shafts.
  • Thermal walls made of foam material, without using chemical foaming, 6mm to 10mm thickness.
  • Ventilation holes in the walls for complete air circulation and humidity regulation.
  • Profile designed to avoid water infiltration from the ventilation holes.
  • Practical walls opening.
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather and chemical agents.
  • Easy to stock, to trasport and to assemble.

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