1068510689 is a new product completely “made in Italy” that combines high efficiency, safety, simplicity of use and Italian design.

Thanks to community composting is simple and affordable for everyone: this model allows to dispose of organic waste produced by citizens or non-domestic users with a composting cycle of about 40 days, followed by maturation in composter or static accumulation.




The organic waste is placed in the compost bin where it is shredded and automatically mixed with the dry structuring: inside the compost bin they pass into the first “ripening” chamber, where the fresh waste comes into contact with the already inserted material. The maturation process is completely aerobic: a fan extracts air from the chambers, which comes back from the openings placed on the walls of the composter. The mass, thanks to the automatic mixer placed on the central arm of the chamber, is always in contact with oxygen and is mixed at preset time intervals. After 20 days the material is transferred to the second “development” chamber, where the same composting process is repeated: after 40 days the automatic emptying is activated and the fresh compost is extracted, which must be followed by a maturation in composter or heap static The presence of two separate chambers, each independently controlled, ensures the best possible results in conditions of absolute hygiene.


Length: 2950 mm
Width: 1150 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Empty weight: c.a. 900 Kg
Full weight: c.a. 2300 Kg
Volume room 1 e room 2: 1.2 m³ each
Effective volume capacity: 550 l for each room


  • Estimated weekly delivery volume: from a Min. Of 200 Liters to a Max of 700 Liters according to the type of waste conferred;
  • Max daily delivery volume: from 25 Liters to 100 Liters depending on the type of waste assigned;
  • Number of daily contributions: from 8 to 33;
  • Total monthly delivery volume: 2100 diluted liters within 4 weeks based on the type of waste given.


Power suppley: 400 V – 50 Hz or 220V
Installed nominal power: 4 kW
Estimated annual electricity consumption: 900 kWh


Machine completely managed by on-board PLC combined with an industrial Ruter VPN with Evon type complete with VPN tunneling and GPRS modem, which allows remote access from the Internet with remote diagnosis and monitoring operation with alarm notification and data logging (function optional).

GASEOUS EMISSIONS has a system for capturing vapors and forced ventilation. If the composter is used following the correct usage descriptions provided by the manufacturer and described in the user manual, only small quantities of CO2 and gaseous nitrogen components are produced without any unpleasant odor.


The automatic electromechanical composter is leak-proof and therefore no percolation can occur on the soil. There are no liquid emissions produced by the compost ripening cycle: the vapors that develop in the process and are attracted by the forced ventilation fan condense for a total of max 35 l / year.


The maximum sound emission value is less than 70 dBA.


There is an integrated automatic dispenser for structuring (pellets).

INSTALLATION INDICATIONS must be installed in a closed room with the following characteristics: • minimum dimensions 5x4m – h2.20m; • base in plane suitable to support the maximum weight of the composter at full load – 2.3 t; • supply point for 380V three-phase switchgear (+ phase + neutral) or 220V; • ambient lighting; • external exhaust of the ventilation system with connection to the fan integrated in the composter (10cm diameter).

13/06/13 – Presentation of at the service of the institute of the IAR, Agricultural Regional Institute of Aosta.

The Compostiera is installed in a wooden chalet and is managed by the institute’s canteen staff, which has about 200 students. The IAR also uses the composter for educational and experimental purposes, with sampling, weighing and periodic checks on the organic material and compost. Aosta

Inauguration of at the Ecomondo Fair in Rimini 2013

Inaugurazione alla Fiera Ecomondo di Rimini

Installazione a SEBORGA (SV) Seborga

Installation  CASCINA CUCCAGNA (MI) Cascina Cuccagna

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