Caddy for door-to-door collection and domestic composting

Stelo 10 is the kitchen caddy designed to collect in a simple and practical way the domestic organic waste.

It has a volume of about 10 litres.

  • Allows the total transpiration of the organic waste;
  • Eliminates bad odours generated by anaerobic bacterial activity;
  • Eliminates unpleasant leachates through the aeration system and the proper biodegradable liners;
  • Facilitates the disposal of organic waste by the user thanks to the wide and convenient opening;
  • It is particularly sized for easy positioning under the kitchen sink
  • Lid and stem available in the PROTECT version.



Data sheet STELO 10 Sartori Ambiente



  • Made of recycled polypropylene
  • 100% virgin recyclable polypropylene
  • Resistant to UV rays and chemical, biological and atmospheric agents

  • Wide front lid grip for easy opening
  • With micro-drilled surface to allow better aeration

  • Fastening system for shopping bag handles
  • Walls with slots inclined to the outside that allow better air circulation
  • Sealing bottom to hold any liquid leak
  • Lowered hinges to facilitate the liner insertion
  • Upper edge with rounded corners with liner holding function
  • Wide front space for the customization

  • With lid supporting function
  • Pivot and handle with automatic locking mechanism
  • Vertical single piece black plastic handle with two pivot points
  • Sturdy strong grip
  • Allows the lid to be propped open
  • With lid locking mechanism to prevent spillage and interference from pets

  • Recycled PP from post-consumption “Plastic Second Life” certified
  • Graphic customization through thermal printing in white
  • Various colours available on request
  • Lid with black plastic handle, without locking mechanism
  • Lid and stem available in the PROTECT version

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