Urba 20-23-25


Urba 20, 23 and 25 containers ergonomically designed with tapered shaped body and square base with minimal footprint. They can be used in all types of properties, either inside or outside the home or office.

Have volumes ranging from 20 to 25 litres.




Data Sheet URBA 20-23-25 Sartori Ambiente


  • Made of recycled PP
  • 100% recyclable PP
  • Stabilised against the effects of UV rays; resistant to atmospheric agents, chemical detergents and biological matter.

  • Wide front lip for finger-tip lid opening
  • Clip-on lid for quick easy assembly or replacement
  • Sloping lid to allow water run-of

  • Upright style with tapered body
  • Sturdy lowered hinges for fitting a compostable liner
  • Radius corners to suspend the biobag
  • Wide flat area for body printing
  • Stackable or wall mountable
  • Smooth internal surface for easy cleaning
  • Rounded interior edges at the base to prevent residue build-up (Urba 23)
  • Recessed hand grip on the base to make emptying easier when the bin is inverted
  • Strengthened double rim with ribs for improved base wear (Urba 23)
  • Microchip nest

  • Vertical single piece black plastic handle with two pivot points
  • Secure grip for working with gloves
  • Allows the lid to be propped open
  • Lid locking mechanism to prevent spillage and interference from birds and animals
  • Vertical handle with lid locking mechanism
  • Two lid opening positions, two lid locking positions
  • Fast unlocking by moving the handle 70° from the locking position

  • Certified post-consumer recycled PP content
  • Thermal transfer printing in white on body front
  • Lid printing
  • Lid or body IML printing up to 4 colours to A4 size
  • Microchip insertion
  • High visibility clip-on reflectors or chevron style vinyl labels
  • Translucent lids
  • Wide range of other colours available on request