Container for vegetable oil collection

Urba Oil is the container designed for the collection of vegetable oil. It has a capacity of 3 litres, and it is:

  • Stackable, space-saving: it optimized the available space under the sink;
  • Hermetic: equipped with a closing system that prevents accidental oil spillage;
  • Ergonomic and practical: it can be moved with one hand and facilitates the direct pouring of the oil;
  • Hygienic: washable directly in the dishwasher;
  • Tag: identifies the user during disposal;
  • Customizable: front injection photo print;
  • Available in the PROTECT version.
  • 100% virgin recyclable polypropylene
  • Resistant to UV rays and chemical, biological and atmospheric agents

  • Flat surface allows easy stacking
  • Hermetic closure with a bayonet mechanism and imprinted locking/unlocking indications
  • Locking mechanism system that allows the transportation
  • Silicon seal
  • Safe transponder slot

  • Tapered body with radius corners
  • Stackable container
  • One-hand easy grip ergonomic design
  • Rear handle
  • Flat area on the body front for print option

  • Certified post-consumption recycled plastic
  • Filtering grill
  • Thermal transfer printing
  • Four-colour IML printing (In Mould Label)
  • LF/UHF transponder insertion and initialization
  • Other colours available on request
  • Available in the PROTECT version